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Production of two spreadsheets to collate partners' data, and enable inter-relationship to be established

In the search for potential micro-markers of damage, the research partners trialled and evaluated many state-of-the-art analytical science techniques, some of which had not been applied to historic tapestry material before. This generated large amounts of data, which needed to be examined and cross-referenced between the partners in great detail. HRP designed and maintained two "master" spreadsheets to enable this important process. Proposed markers of change on all materials studied (silk and wool, metal threads, mordants and dyes) were pooled into one file for model tapestries, and another file for historic tapestries. The latter was used to correlate numerical data with conservators' visual condition assessments.

The spreadsheets enabled partners to compare and establish a link between model studies and historic samples. They were an invaluable tool in the process of establishing a set of parameters for damage assessment.

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