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Water flow experiment

From the tests three main results can be deduced but it has to be realised that because of the restricted amount of replica these results can only be regarded as indicative:
1. The water permeability of wooden stems is species dependent and restricted to the axial direction. The highest permeability is found for pine sapwood, less permeable are alder over the whole diameter and oak sapwood. Visible heartwood is not permeable. Spruce and the sapwood of larch and Douglas have an intermediary permeability.
2. Water pressure on the top stem surface is positively correlated with water flow through the stem.
3. Blue stain infection seems to decrease the water flow through the stems

If a water flow through the wood is related to the process of bacterial wood degradation, these results offer possibilities to stop this process. Sealing of the cross section is one possibility and using blue stain infection could be another one.

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