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Elemental composition of iron gall ink determined by PIXE

The contribution from Institute Jozef Stefan (IJS) to the InkCor project is based on the use of Ion Beam Analytical (IBA) techniques running at the recently implemented tandem accelerator - TANDETRON. Here, the Proton Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) method, due to its non-destructive nature, high sensitivity and high rate of data accumulation, is essential for the study of historical documents. The extensive database on elemental concentrations in inks and papers, originating from measurements of statistically well proved number of documents (more than 800 measuring points), has been formed this way. The data serve as the basis for scientific decision for possible conservation treatments, and are at free disposal to partners collaborating within the InkCor project. Besides, the experimental techniques developed are of innovative character and can be disseminated and applied by scientific community through the international exchange of scientific data.

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