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Scientific basis: fixing of the conceptual framework including definition of central terms, updating to the state-of-the-art and presentation of a bibliography

The principle objective of WP2 was the discussion and definition of a scientific framework to handle the whole course of research. The central research terms had to be defined, as well as the different methods concerning the scientific approach within the work packages. The research questions were fixed and central research hypotheses were formulated. Another main objective was the elaboration of a report about the state-of-the-art in European urban research related to the contributing nations: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, France and The Netherlands. During the kick-off-meeting in Vienna the members of the Scientific Committee decided to include the scientific contributions of Scandinavia (done by the Danish scientific partner), of the United States and Great Britain as well as of South Tyrol (both done by the Austrian scientific partner).
The definition of the central research terms took place in the closed room of the COMET-homepage and resulted in the formulation of the project glossary. Some terms were proposed by the scientific director/work package leader and some were proposed by partners. The partners contributed to the discussion either by writing commentaries in the homepage or during the symposia in Berlin (end of June 2002). The glossary can be found on the COMET-homepage within the Report on the Complete Conceptual Framework and will be amended if required.

In order to update to the state-of-the-art the scientific partners answered the main questions referring to the main national research topics, the disciplines working on that theme, the interfaces to other areas of research, the trends in current research, the methods, the distinction between national and international research, the main institutions occupied with that theme. Another objective of the work package was the installation of the central bibliography on the web page. All partners got an input mask in order to enter the national contributions. The literature list was firstly compiled within the Conceptual Framework, but is going to be completed continuously until the end of the project. Additionally a Thesaurus was elaborated in order to facilitate the search for references. Both the literature list and the thesaurus is available to all partners in the internal part of the COMET-website.

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