Servicio de Información Comunitario sobre Investigación y Desarrollo - CORDIS

Homepage with information for the public (introduction, partners, results, bibliography etc.) and for partners (discussion, handouts, minutes etc)

The COMET-homepage ( serves two aims.
1) a public web space: This main entrance part of the COMET homepage provides background information on the project, contact information and links to the COMET-partners as well as the cluster project which is going to start. A public chat room for discussions was intended, but finally not realised due to security concerns by the server provider. From the public part of the homepage, websites of partner institutions can be reached, as well as there is a direct e-mail link to the respective contact person. To increase the number of visitors to the COMET homepage, relevant institutions were asked to install links. Some institutions already met the request.
2) a restricted web space open to project partners only and protected by a password: This part of the homepage aims at a common understanding of the network partners, an exchange of ideas and data. It is used to provide project partners with all relevant information, running from e-mail addresses of all persons working on COMET, to links to important information of the EC, download possibilities for handouts, background information, minutes, etc.

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