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Simple identification test for corrosive inks- copper test

Besides iron, other transition metals like copper can be present in historical iron gall inks. Like iron ion, copper ion catalyses the oxidative degradation of cellulose, thereby hampering the permanence of paper artefacts. It is therefore imperative to detect its presence in inks, dyes and pigments. A facile non-bleeding indicators test using 2-(5-nitro-2-pyridylazo)-1-naphtol has been developed to enable identification of the presence of copper ions in conservation workshops. The non-bleeding test for copper fulfils most requirements: it is non-destructive, easy to apply and sensitive enough to detect copper in iron gall inks on originals. While 40% of conservators were able to identify the presence of copper, when its concentration was 10ppm, as determined by PIXE, all conservators identified the presence of copper in the inks, when its concentration exceeded 26ppm.

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