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Handbook for practitioners

The Handbook for Practitioners addresses the end and governmental users of the project itself. During the process of the project it became apparent that the language of scientists and the language of governmental and end users considerably differ. Also the interests of research differ, scientists put more emphasis on the scientific approach and methods, whereas the governmental and end-users are more interested in results and recommendations. They also frequently asked for "arguments" in order to use them in discussions or plans.

The Handbook therefore is a survey of the results of COMET in an easily readable way. It contains an introduction into each case study area including the map showing the delimitation of the agglomeration according to N.U.R.E.C., an overview of the large-scale projects and the conclusion of their comparison, the main results of the business enquiry and the classification of centres within the agglomeration areas including the dynamics of the tertiary sector in all case study areas. Furthermore, the Handbook provides a CD-ROM including the final reports of the project and thematic maps.

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