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End-user oriented standard report form on urban soil investigation

The user-oriented standardised report on urban soil status has been developed. Standard report delivers the comprehensive and accurate information on investigation of soils including the end-user (non-expert) oriented interpretation of analytical results.
The standard soil report was defined to:
-Produce the exact information on soil analytical data.
-Interpretation of the state of the soil pollution in the location.
-Interpret the analytical results for non-experts.
-Give the overview of the analytical information in the context of the legislation on soil pollution.
-Information on sampling location, land-use, possible sources of pollution and additional information important for the interpretation.
-Comments and suggestions on possible remediation measures.

The Report is composed of three, optionally four pages.
Page 1: Sampling site geographical information, coordinates, location name, aero-photo picture of the sampling location including neighbourhood area, picture from the ground, soil type, land use, details on sampling campaign. Comments on soil pollution and general soil quality interpretation or remediation suggestions can be given.
Page 2 contains the standard soil analytical information (texture, pH, organic matter, CEC, base saturation) and it's graphical presentations for non-experts.
Page 3: Inorganic substances in soil (predominantly heavy metals which are listed in the legislation), analytical information and the graphic interpretation regarding to the legislation.
Page 4 is optional and contains information on organic substances. A set of the possible organic pollutants is site specific and differs from town to town.

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