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Cross-validation and harmonisation of analytical methodology

Experience gained in the urbsoil project suggests that, although proper quality control is vital for the production of valid analytical data, not all expert soil science laboratories have detailed knowledge about its role and implementation. The inclusion of suitable quality assurance measures should be a pre-requisite for future collaborative studies on urban soils in Europe.

Specific recommendations:
1. Partners should review their current practices and methodology against international standards and agree on harmonised procedures before practical work commences.
2. ISO methods should be used wherever possible.
3. Even where common methodology is agreed, partners should conduct appropriate inter-laboratory tests to ensure results obtained are comparable.
4. Partners should include analysis of appropriate reference materials in their work to ensure analytical methods remain under control for the duration of the study. At least one CRM (or RM) should be included in every batch of analysis.
5. Partners should appoint a Quality Manager from amongst the group (preferably with experience in analytical science) to oversee the implementation of the QA scheme.

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