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cDNA microarray carrying dormancy related pine cDNAs and relevant conserved genes from other species

A dedicated cDNA microarray was produced carrying 1451 genes that were pre-selected for relevance to dormancy and/or hardiness. Additional genes were added to a total of 153 genes. These included fragments of genes that were differentially present in a PCR assay performed during the previous project (amplified fragment length polymorphisms: AFLP fragments), and some genes that were described in the plant literature to be associated with stress or dormancy. Additionally a number of control genes were spotted on the array to allow data normalisation. These included 4 different yeast genes that are known not to be present in most plants, to allow correction for background hybridisation, and different sized fragments of the firefly luciferase gene. The luciferase gene serves as a positive control during hybridisation experiments.

The array can be used to dissect biological processes occurring in pine. The primary use will be for stress related or bud development related processes. The array can be used for scientific purposes or for the selection of indicator genes that can serve as content for molecular diagnostic assays. To our knowledge this is the first dedicated array for pine seedling bud tissue.

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