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A subset of ca. 15 highly informative key genes for both beech and pine, descriptive of the physiological state of the tree seedling with respect to dormancy and frost hardiness

Transcriptional profiling of pine and beech samples grown in either field or controlled climate conditions was used to select two subsets of each 15 genes that can be used to molecularly characterize the samples from these and other experiments and locations. The selected genes represent different expression profiles in relation to the examined conditions, either increasing, decreasing or constant.

Based on their expression pattern, these groups of genes can be linked to physiological events that occur during acquisition of frost hardiness. The expression profile of the descriptive gene set provides a useful molecular signature of the various bud samples. All genes display a high relative change in expression over the season, a strong correlation to physiological parameters and a high absolute expression level. The genes that were selected in this manner are candidates for development into molecular markers for frost hardiness

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