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Construction of plasmids expressing proteins coded by PRV analogues of herpes simplex virus UL13, UL21, UL 39, UL 47, UL 48, UL49 and UL 50

For PRV, early reduction of virus shedding and prevention of virus transmission is strongly related to the strength and the quality of cell-mediated immune responses. In search of novel antigens potentially capable of inducing a protective cell mediated immune response (CMI), plasmids containing sequences coding for PRV proteins which have been identified as important target antigens in other herpes models (e.g. tegument proteins, viral dUTPAse, protein kinase) were constructed. These were plasmids coding for the PRV genes UL13, UL21, UL39, UL47 UL 48, UL 49 and UL50. The constructs were checked for expression in vitro and in mice, in vivo. Preliminary results indicate that UL 21 and Ul 47 induce CMI responses.

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