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Prime-boost vaccination regimes

Preliminary studies were performed to assess the protective immunity provided for by different prime/ boost combinations (nucleic acid + nucleic acid, nucleic acid + ORFV) in a pig challenge model. The different prime/ boost combinations based were based on gD and compared with the efficacy of modified live vaccine.A prime/boost ORFV –ORFV vaccination resulted in highest antibody responses followed by DNA-ORFV vaccination. DNA –DNA vaccination resulted in lowest antibody responses. Six weeks after second vaccination, pigs were challenged the virulent wild-type strain NIA-3 . There was no significant difference in virus excretion between the different prime-boost regimes and the conventional vaccine. Of the different prime-boost regimes, surprisingly pigs vaccinated with DNA-ORFV appeared to perform better than pigs vaccinated with DNA-DNA or ORFV-ORFV (clinical signs and MRDG7), reaching similar levels of protection as pigs vaccinated with a MLV vaccine. In addition, a preliminary prime – boost regime was assessed using Sindbis based DNA (pSIN)constructs and ORFV constructs based on gC and gD. Priming with pSIN followed with a booster vaccination with ORFV constructs, resulted in a clear booster response.

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