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Guidelines of application of melanosis inhibitors and guidebook on inhibitors and processing technology of crustacean

The application of melanosis inhibitors on crustacean goes back for more than 50 years. Use of inhibitors based on sulphite is the common rule and application is frequently in a less correct way. On account of this products often present exceedingly levels of sulphites which may be dangerous for consumers, namely asthmatic ones. In order to avoid problems arising from deficient crustacean processing it is necessary to render available a process specification for each type of crustaceans, which can involve a detailed description of new applicable inhibitors, conditions of utilization and innovative processing technologies associated, which can be easily followed by fisherman, aquaculture managers, processors and retail market operators.

Guidelines of inhibitors application giving standard operating procedures for the preparation of crustaceans of premium quality were prepared together with a draft manual in guide format of the standard operating procedures for the processing of crustaceans.

A guidebook was also produced which contains technical advice on the handling and processing of shrimp and Norway lobster during operations onboard and on shore. Advisory information is given on what concerns the application of old and new chemicals for melanosis inhibitory purposes, chilling, freezing, cold storage, processing techniques and safety concerns affecting the quality of the products. It is not expected that this guidebook will answer all the questions about inhibitors and processing technology of crustacean, nevertheless it will provide a contribute for the safe use of food additives and production of better quality products. If the enclosed procedures are followed healthier products with increased shelf life will be available for consumers.

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