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Experimental demonstration of vertical transmission of SAV in trout

The vertical transmission of SDV in rainbow trout was investigated through an experiment carried out with 20 females and 21 males originating from the virus-free facilities of Afssa-Brest. The fish were intraperitoneally injected with SDV. The virus was demonstrated to be present for a longer time in the reproductive tissues than in the sera.
The nineteen lots of eggs obtained from the infected spawners were incubated separately at about 10°C. Forty eggs from each lot were sampled three times between fecundation and hatching time. Twenty of them were disinfected using Dakin’s solution. Both disinfected and non-disinfected eggs were analysed for the presence of SDV. The virus was evidenced in 58% of the lots before disinfection and in 47% of the disinfected lots. Moreover, typical signs of SD and high mortality were observed two months post-hatching in the progeny obtained from one of the contaminated lots of eggs.

Those results demonstrate than disinfection of eyed eggs appears ineffective in preventing vertical transmission of SDV. Those results could help in evaluating zoosanitary risks associated with transfer of fertilised eggs regarding alphavirus of salmonids.

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