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VISHNU: document visualisation and clustering tool

CHLT has developed a text documentation, visualisation and clustering tool called VISHNU, which integrates within a single programme:
(i) full text document indexing,
(ii) collection building,
(iii) keyword extraction,
(iv) document search and retrieval,
(v) keyword-based document clustering, and
(vi) a suite of interactive interfaces that provide the end-user with a variety of different visualisations for search results.

VISHNU aims to discover structure within the set of documents retrieved for a query and to expose this structure to the user to facilitate document search; it then interacts with the user for resource discovery and discrete searching across corpora. The software is especially suited to non-specialists using specialist domains (i.e. those who have only partial knowledge of the original language). Vishnu has been developed for use with CHLT corpora in Ancient Greek, Latin and Old Norse. These texts are typically studied by non-specialist users who nevertheless have a desire to understand the texts. Vishnu allows users to search corpora in innovative ways and bridges the gap between passive awareness and active understanding. For this reason it is suitable for development in the education sector at secondary and higher education levels, although it has a much wider application potential in multimedia information retrieval and human-computer interaction research. Please contact the Head of MMIS Group, Stefan Rueger ( for further information.

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