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Ancient language technologies

CHLT results in Ancient Language Technologies in Greek and Latin can be divided into three groups: (i) multi-lingual retrieval facilities for digital library systems, (ii) vocabulary word profile tools for texts and corpora, and (iii) syntactic parsing tools for Greek texts. (Demo's of results can be viewed at or

The workflow followed a certain order: the initial development of vocabulary profile tools and the integration of user-feedback; then came problems of document architecture and the establishment of unique identifiers for documents in the digital library system, as well as multi-lingual information retrieval issues and multi-lingual thesauri automatically extracted from multi-lingual lexica; next came search tools that used the thesauri to generate Greek and Latin search queries from queries that were originally entered in English; and finally the development of a Greek syntactic parsing tool that is designed to answer questions about the distribution of grammatical features within texts, common subjects of verbs, and the identification of modifiers in Ancient Greek and Latin. Three CHLT Prototypes (Multilingual Retrieval tool, Vocabulary Word Profile Tool and Syntactic Parser) are groundbreaking achievements and are currently running on two websites; feedback from their use will inform future development of these morphological tools.

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