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Early modern latin corpus

CHLT has provided an Early Modern Latin Corpus with over 300MB of Early Modern Renaissance texts and 60MB of Isaac Newton's papers as a test-bed for the CHLT Digital Library System, which also incorporates newly digitised works in the History of Science from the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City Missouri (over 200MB of text that was not anticipated at the beginning of the project). Texts from the Stoa Project (Univ of Kentucy, Lexington) and The Newton Project (ICSTM) were tagged by hand with XML-TEI; considerable editorial work was undertaken so that the materials would be electronically archived (web-archived) using standard protocols -both for use within the CHLT Digital Library System (i.e. metadata harvesting and information retrieval) and for purposes of preservation (i.e correct spelling, variant readings, et al).

For instance, because the Erasmus Colloquia and the text of the Encomium morias came from various sources, it was important to have the encoded material reflect a single edition (1867 ed Desiderr Erasmi Roterodami colloquia familiaria et encomium morias). With this goal in mind we went through 63 colloquia and the Encomium morias adjusting any orthographical and/or editorial discrepancies. Faithfulness to the text has been an important guiding principle in transcription, and the Newton Project papers offer diplomatic and normalised versions of each text with (when possible) facing page images of the manuscripts. Dissemination of these results has given access to rare and fragile source materials, and when coupled with morphological tools have lowered the barriers to understanding these important texts for those without the benefit of a classical education.

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