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Digital library collaborative infrastructure

CHLT has developed a collaborative infrastructure for a distributed cultural heritage library that allows metadata sharing between two digital collections at different CHLT sites, and has extended this model to a fully functional general metadata-sharing model for external partners. CHLT has taken up the challenge of integrating and implementing FRBR standards to all of the CHLT and Perseus catalogue material so that we can now share metadata with existing digital collections around the world, including the Library of Congress and OCLC, and are therefore not limited to sharing only with CHLT partners (as was originally envisioned at the start of the project). Adoption of FRBR has allowed us not only to link to international collections but also to get involved with the harmonisation efforts between the CIDOC CRM ISO 21137 Special Interest Group and the IFLA FRBR Special Interest Group. Classical texts are available in many forms: editions, translations, and manuscripts. As a result, collections of cultural heritage works are a good test-bed for implementation of IFLA FRBR.

After updating the CHLT catalogue information in FRBR for core collections, we were able to harvest metadata from the Library of Congress and OCLC's WorldCat and make use of the LC's search/retrieval web service (SRW) gateway using Z39.50; we then organised documents in our collection into FRBR categories and created a new CHLT Catalogue Database. The challenge of visualisation, display, and sharing the catalogue was addressed by introducing three interface modes: a web-based catalogue system; a Classical Text server protocol; and a web-standards approach using OAI and the emerging SRU/W protocol (these systems allowed for the distribution of catalogue records in a Z39.50-type interface). As these standards become more widely implemented we expect that CHLT material will be ever more available for metadata sharing on an international scale.

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