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LCA-IWM Report Summary

Project ID: EVK4-CT-2002-00087
Funded under: FP5-EESD
Country: Germany

Handbook for waste management planning with practical examples

Within the LCA-IWM Project the Waste Management Planning and Optimisation Handbook has been developed (Den Boer, E., Den Boer, J. and Jager, J. (2005): Waste Management Planning and Optimisation - Handbook for municipal waste prognosis and sustainability assessment of waste management systems, Ibidem Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany). In the Handbook the results from the previous work packages are concentrated. The Handbook describes the following themes:

- User Guide to the two developed tools: the waste prognostic tool and the waste management assessment and optimisation tool.

- Description of the scientific backgrounds of the tools:
1. Waste Generation Prognosis;
2. Environmental Sustainability Assessment for Waste Management Systems;
3. Economic Sustainability Assessment for Waste Management Systems;
4. Social Sustainability Assessment for Waste Management Systems;
5. Description of the developed quantified modules used for the calculation of the Sustainability Assessment:
i. Waste collection performance;
ii. Temporary Storage;
iii. Collection and Transport;
iv. Treatment (Landfill, Composting, Digestion, MBP aerobic, MBP anaerobic, Incineration, Paper recycling, Glass recycling, Metals recycling, Plastics & comp. recycling, MDR recycling, WEEE recycling
- First users experiences (the tools have been applied in Nitra (Slovakia), Xanthi (Greece), Wroclaw (Poland), Reus (Spain) and Kaunas (Lithuania).
- Good Practice guidelines in Waste Management Planning

The Handbook has been translated into the languages of the municipalities involved in the project (Slovak, Lithuanian, Polish, Greek and Spanish). Both the English and the translated versions are printed in limited amounts. The printed Handbooks alongside with the developed tools and electronic versions of the other projects deliverables are freely available for municipalities across Europe, with a privilege for Central eastern and Southern European municipalities.
The electronic version of the Handbook as well as the tools and the other project deliverables are downloadable from the project web site.

In this way the Handbook is available to all municipalities, consultancies, educational institutes or other institutes working in the field of waste management planning.

The Handbook enables users to use the developed tool in order to predict waste generation and compare several waste management scenarios and assess their performance in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability. Doing so, a founded decision can be made on which waste management strategy is to be followed.

In the municipalities involved in the Project, that are the first users of the tools, workshops for the dissemination of the Handbook were held. The Scientific Partners of the Project visited and will visit conferences where they promoted/will promote the Handbook and the developed tools.

The Handbook together with the developed tools will be made available from the LCA-IWM project web-site:

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