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Data for waste management planning in Wroclaw, Kaunas, Nitra, Reus and Xanthi

Within the Work Package 7 data for waste management planning in Reus, Wroclaw, Xanthi, Nitra, Kaunas were gathered by Project Partners from involved municipalities. The range of WP-7 was extended to preliminary analysis of waste composition from above mentioned cities.
Additionally the verification of collected data and results of waste analysis was performed.

The range of collected data was very broad, it included all parameters and variables necessary for planning alternative scenarios of waste management in targeted cities using developed tools.

The data collected were grouped in the following sets: general information about municipality (population, infrastructure, residential structure, climate etc), existing and planned changes of system and equipment for waste temporary storage, collection and transport (types and numbers of bins, trucks, transfer stations, separate collection of recyclables etc.), existing and planned plants for treatment and disposal of wastes (biological, mechanical-biological, thermal, landfills, recycling facilities etc).

Collected data sets for each stage of waste management concerned the technical, economic, social and environmental aspects of planning sustainable waste management systems according to developed methodology and tools.

All collected data are presented in forms of Excel sheets for each municipality involved as well as balance sheets for all municipalities.

In two municipalities (Wroclaw, Nitra) were performed waste composition analyses following the modified SWA-Tool methodology developed in the frame of the other 5th FP Project. Other partners used different methodologies for characterization of their municipal waste compositions.
In some municipalities were also conducted social surveys using developed questionnaire having twenty-seven questions involving seven key factors affecting public risk perception: trust, voluntary versus involuntary, control, benefit/reward, understanding, gender and catastrophic potential and describing the population risk perception towards waste pre- and treatment plants. Results of surveys with their statistical evaluation are enclosed to the report.

All data are specific for each municipality but they could be concerned as reference values for other municipalities studied.

All collected data were used within the Work package 8 for creation and evaluation of alternative waste management scenarios for each municipality.

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