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European ocean carbon cycle observing capacity at fixed locations

The ANIMATE project has implemented for the first time a European capacity for sustained highly resolved (in time) observations of pCO (2) concentrations near the surface in the ocean. This has been applied and tested in three locations in the North Atlantic representative of different regimes. In spite of various technical problems, unique time series have been collected of very high relevance for carbon cycle science, for studying processes and interactions involved in the physical and biological pump, and for observing the variability in the surface pCO (2) flux. These temporally well resolved time series at a few select locations are a good complement to the more spatial sampling mode with ship (VOS) sections sampling the surface water while underway. The need to sample near the surface (and to provide information on the vertical structure) from moorings without requiring large surface buoys has further led to the initiation of development work to allow profiling to the surface with an underwater winch. Every attempt is being made to sustain the pCO (2) observing capacity and to build on the experiences gained in ANMATE, in order to maintain a European contribution to a global ocean carbon observing system.

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