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D2. Report. Research Synergies, Needs and Opportunities

The results of deliverable D1 ‘State of the Art: Related Projects’ and the common issues identified, including user needs analyses, legal framework, deployment barriers and environmental impacts, were presented to a panel of external experts in the NETMOBIL technical workshop. This deliverable D2 ‘Research Synergies, Needs and Opportunities’ follows from that Workshop and develops a synthesis of the results for the common issues in order to identify current research gaps and subsequently to formulate further research needs.

The report presents the details of the workshop, the participants, the agenda, the discussions held, and an assessment of its effectiveness as determined from a questionnaire distributed to the participants. It also presents the conclusions for the common issues, the research gaps, and the benefits from clustering in the NETMOBIL project and the barriers to deployment.

Six Annexes consider the common areas in more detail, namely:
- Annex A: User Needs
- Annex B: Legal and Institutional Issues
- Annex C: Barriers and Risks
- Annex D: Technologies
- Annex E: Research Needs
- Annex F: Evaluation of Sustainability

The results assisted the project to plan for the first dissemination workshop entitled ‘Societal and Technical Issues for Future Urban Mobility’, which was held with key stakeholders in the summer of 2004.

Reported by

University of Southampton
TRG, Civil Eng, Highfield
SO17 1BJ Southampton
United Kingdom
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