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D7. Report. EU potential for innovative personal urban mobility

Innovation based on road vehicle automation provides new functionalities with a potential to change the existing patterns of urban transport supply.
Advanced driver assistance systems can make car-based transport more efficient, environmentally friendly, comfortable and safer. Personal rapid transit is a revolutionary concept of automated taxis travelling on their own guide way which lends itself in particular to provide a circulator (i.e. circulating system of public transport for moving people around) in commercial areas, business districts and campuses. Automatic driving capabilities enhance the performance of bus rapid transit used on the main-haul sections of the road public transport network. Cybernetic transport systems are already in operation in the form of road-based people movers providing on-demand capabilities for feeder and park-shuttle services, and could enable in the future, car-sharing schemes with environmentally friendly vehicles where vehicles are automatically redistributed among parking places. This Deliverable reviews the potential of the various innovations according to a common assessment framework focused on the identification of benefits and costs. Case histories are presented for each innovation, drawn from systems already operating in real world conditions, field trials or feasibility studies.

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