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D4. Report. Policy Guidance

This report brings together the findings from the research conducted by NETMOBIL and reported in previous deliverables including:
- D1 State of the Art: related projects;
- D2 Research synergies, needs and opportunities;
- D3 Report of First dissemination workshop and proceedings;
- D4 Dissemination strategy’;
- D5 Internal report ‘NETMOBIL Roadmap and critical path’; and
- D6 ‘EU potential’ in order to produce recommendations for how the systems can be exploited, for further research needed and for actions required from the different public actors, the city/local authorities, the regional authorities, the national governments and the EU policy makers/institutions to support and help realise the potential from the proposed solutions.

The results were presented and validated in the NETMOBIL Final conference and dissemination workshop held in Rotterdam in July 2005.

Reported by

University of Southampton
TRG, Civil Eng, Highfield
SO17 1BJ Southampton
United Kingdom
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