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Optimal waste management scenarios for selected cities.

Within the workpackage 8, optimal waste management scenarios for the selected cities have been developed by the use of developed tools in workpackage 6. As data background, collected data in WP7 has been used. The cities, Kaunas, Reus, Nitra, Xanthi and Wroclaw have been selected mainly because of their rapid growing economies. Since these cities are from various regions of Europe and have different populations, the waste quality and quantity considerable varies. Due to these facts, it was necessary to verify the developed tools for varying conditions of waste management.

The developed tools support the decision makers, especially municipalities, for the assessment of different waste avoidance strategies and environmental, economical and social performance of different waste management options.

In first step, the scenarios have been developed for the selected cities. While one of the scenarios describes the current waste management situation in the cities, with other three scenarios better conditions regarding environmental, economical and social aspects are defined. Thereby the legal requirements and desires of the municipalities have been taken into consideration. Then the waste quantities and qualities have been forecasted considering existing situation and different waste avoidance strategies. After that, the assessment tool has been used to analyse different waste management scenarios. During this phase, the bugs in calculation and programming have been fixed and the tools have been redesigned for user-friendliness.

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