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Several MiME concepts

Through a process of scenario and concept design MiME developed several concepts to serve as examples of future products, services, systems, interactions or technologies to support or enhance the intimate media stories people experience.

At the end of this process a set of 6 concepts, illustrating the landscape of the MiME experience were selected to communicate further as examples of the MiME experience. Four of them were elaborated further:
1. The picture ball; a tool enabling the easy capture and casual browsing of collections of images with some order and surprise.
2. The Living Scrap Book, hybrid digital media and paper, digital and physical capturing of a journey and printing it into a book.
3. GlowTags, a system of tags that can hint to their owner and serve as props for remembering or storytelling.
4. Lonely Planet Listener, a service that allows people to listen to the world from their own home.

These four concepts were storyboarded and described in terms of the experience, interaction and needs of the user, the product and system requirements and its position within the MiME landscape. The storyboards and interaction description were made available on the MiME public website and communicated to a wide audience, especially in the DC community and within the partner's organization for inspiration.

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