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Design guidelines for grounded innovation

Important outputs of MiME for use by others are the design guidelines for grounded innovation and techniques for interacting with ubiquitous technologies. These are supported by the concept demonstrators as illustrations of intimate media and the applied interaction principles. These results demonstrate ways of developing new design concepts and techniques that help identify new opportunities for the DC initiative. They present and exemplify an approach that combines ethnographic, creative design and technological perspectives to produce new concepts that are grounded in and build upon people's everyday lives. For example, new ways of conceptualizing ubiquitous technologies that place an increased emphasis on augmenting people's activities rather than artifacts have been explored.

Although the focus within MiME has been primarily on the domestic environment, many of the results and techniques should generalize to other domains. The main audience for the results is the DC community, the scientific community more generally and people wanting to develop new applications and devices. The major results have been made freely available to allow these communities to develop them further.

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