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Security policy evaluation techniques

This result defines a comprehensive methodology for the evaluation of trust-based security policies. The methodology includes a detailed threat analysis identifying a series of threats against which the effectiveness of any trust-based security policy should be assessed. Moreover, it also defines separate evaluation criteria for the decision-making system as whole and its individual components. Furthermore, it proposes alternative ways of dealing with the various threats. The whole methodology has been tested on a SPAM filtering application. So far, evaluation of trust-based security policies has been ad hoc, while the lack of a general evaluation methodology makes it very difficult to assess the relative merits of proposed approaches.

As the area of trust-based security reach maturity the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of various proposed policies becomes crucial. In this respect, this result could provide a valuable tool for the whole scientific community. It is currently too early to estimate its commercial potential. As a result, no specific steps have been taken at this stage in order to protect any IPR emanating from it.

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