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Mathematical characterization of scale-free networks

Scale free networks are characterized by a distribution of connectivities that has a power law shape, meaning that there are no characteristic values for the connectivity of the nodes forming the network.

This is a simplistic view of the networks that are formed in our current world. The role played by the nodes in a networked society is not simply characterized by the number of neighbours it can influence. There are many other important factors in them. For instance, nodes are grouped into clusters that can be related to communities and those communities can form other communities and so on. Different works in the consortium have been related in the analysis and characterization of such communities in many kind of social, technological and biological networks; in each of those the communities can have different meaning, but in general terms we can characterize a network by its community structure.

The study of an organization and how it evolves around its community structure can be of great help when reengineering the organization, and the tools provided by the consortium should be taken into account.

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Marti i Franques, 1
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