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The benefit of the IPCIM project for TKS-LT is most of all the gain of advanced technological know how and process expertise in the field of innovative material processing with special regard to new steel grades and quality control as well as process control. This will allow for a better and more efficient use of resources and result in higher product quality and increased productivity. In addition to this immediate benefit for the company the opening of the national/European and worldwide market for new products made from specialized materials/steel grades will result in much higher intrinsic gain from the resources used. For example structural components made of high strength steel will allow for lightweight construction and optimised technological mechanical properties, which will in consequence have positive ecological effects.

TKS-LT envisions a transfer of the results to various fields of applications within the ThyssenKrupp group and other interested companies. One further benefit is the establishing of relations with other European institutes and manufacturers that work in the field of laser technology and material processing. The relations build with the project partners might be used in the future to realise bi- or translateral projects which otherwise would have a to high inhibition threshold to be initiated or which previously lacked the right partner.

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