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The main results of the project for our company are:
- 1. Development of an integrated industrial laser welding head
- 2. Gain in laser sensor and application experience with MIG-Laser-Hybrid-technology.

At the end of the project we have a first prototype of the integrated welding head, which has been used for application tests. Now we are able to improve the welding head demonstrator and built a prototype of the final product. The demonstrator and the improved version will be used for industrial application projects in the test laboratory of our company. After this final optimisation, we will offer the welding head as a regular product.

We expect to have customers from different fields, like:
- pipe welding (production of tubes)
- heavy industry
- gas vessels and tank production (chemical industry)
- ship yards (probably the most important field right now).

We have already one project, where we included the welding head into our offer to the customer.
Here it is necessary to fill unavoidable gaps with the laser-MIG-Hybrid technology. The second most important field is laser welding of tubes. In general, this compact welding head with integrated sensors and MIG-hybrid-capability will widen the laser application to new fields, because production costs can be cut and quality can be improved.

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