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Fatigue data for dielectromagnetic composites

At an early stage of the project the lack of available fatigue data for dielectromagnetic materials was identified as a potential disincentive for designers interested in producing new motors or electrical machines to take advantage of the benefits of the new materials. In order to remedy this situation, a programme of fatigue testing was initiated, beginning with the characterisation of existing materials. The programme consists of establishing S-N curves for two different families of dielectromagnetic materials using a resonant fatigue-testing machine, with samples oriented both parallel with and perpendicular to the pressing axis.

The results from this part of the programme indicate that the endurance limit for iron-resin dielectromagnetic materials is higher in proportion to the tensile strength than is the case for conventional PM materials. The testing has also considered the effect of operating frequency on the fatigue behaviour of dielectromagnetic materials. It is the intention of the consortium that the results of the fatigue study should be placed in the public domain in order to foment the adoption of the new materials and technology.

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