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Definition of the toolbox and modelling architecture and the selection criteria for on-line sensors and process actuators

This Task was done for selecting the proper modelling approach as well as proper measurements and actuators for the control of crystallisers. The modelling approach has to lead to a package that is easily extendable and combines the strength of different software environments. Therefore it was decided to use a data server structure that couples different software packages to each other, each with it’s own strength with respect to simulation, observer and control. The main purpose of the process measurement is the investigation of a crystallization process. Therefore saturation, crystal mass and crystal size distribution was chosen to be measured and more traditional measurements like temperature and pressure are ignored. Wide variety of measurement devices were selected to be tested within SINC-PRO and the most important actuators with which to manipulate the crystal size distribution were specified. Partly the selection was based on the experiences the partners had on the measurements, partly on recommendations from the literature. The selection guide provides valuable information for anyone who wants to study crystallization experimentally by presenting the up-to-date possibilities that the measurement available can provide and the actuators with which to direct the CSD to desired direction.

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