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Pulsating contact tribometer

Objective/Potential applications
Test apparatus for pulsating friction tests in which the sliding contact between sheet and tool is simulated.
A model that describes the relationships between the friction forces on the sheet surface

Application is in wear and friction studies for selection and development of tribo- systems for PBH processes as well as for modelling the friction in PBH process simulations.

Developers of deep drawing processes with advanced blankholder control (for manufacturing of automotive parts, household and consumer goods). Developers of lubricants, tooling and sheet materials, coatings.

Main Innovations
Incorporation of close-loop controlled hydraulic pulsating normal force in TNO Slider-on-sheet tribometer and pulsating contact friction measurements for sheet metal forming.

Analysis of market
Automotive, kitchen appliances, consumer goods (part development - make-ability studies; tooling and process design). Lubricant and coating manufacturers.

Potential barriers
When reaching the project targets no barriers should limit the exploitation

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