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Project ID: G1RD-CT-2001-00509
Źródło dofinansowania: FP5-GROWTH
Kraj: Germany

Process control

Objective/Potential applications
To develop a pc-based process control system with tele-service capabilities for a novel pulsating blank holder (PBH) system.

- To design and manufacture a sensor system for the deep drawing tool and equip it with a real-time data acquisition device.
- To develop software to capture the signals and control the process in real-time by detection and subsequent prevention of tears and wrinkles.
- To provide the control of the system remotely via Internet.

To meet these objectives, a sensor system for the deep drawing tool, capable of measuring the process parameters (BHF, drawing force, temperature, etc.) has been designed, manufactured and tested. The system has a real-time data acquisition facility which can acquire the signals and provide data analysis to detect the failure modes (tears and wrinkles), and therefore, can provide feedback on the status of product quality. The system is capable of being remotely controlled over the Internet.

The lab-scale tests revealed a moderate degree of success in increasing the draw depth provided the correct pulsing frequency and amplitude are selected. It was found that particular attention must be paid to synchronising the pulsing force with the peak of the punch force. The control strategy is based on analysis of sensor signals, which will determine if a wrinkle or tear has occurred. The pulsating force is then adjusted to ensure that next component is sound.

Application in automotive and consumers articles industry.

Manufacturer of metal sheet parts of above mentioned industries
Main Innovations
- A sensor system to measure the process parameters has been completed and shown to operate satisfactorily.
- Real-time data acquisition and software code has been developed to capture the signals.
- On-line processing of the captured data and extraction of process information has been completed and shown to work well.
- Failure detection software to identify the tears and wrinkles, if present, has been written and tested with satisfactory results.
- A remote control feature for the system to be controlled over the Internet has been created and tested successfully.

Potential barriers
When reaching the project targets no barriers should limit the exploitation

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