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Workpiece handling and positioning system

The various sub systems developed in the IRIST Project must be able to come together and fit neatly and efficiently into the production environment. This joining could be made through the handling system, which should be include conveyor and shoe support to the work piece loading, handling and transportation. LIREL has a great diversity of conveyor systems. The equipment chosen was the one that presented the characteristics more adequate to this application. This system consists in a conveyor with a robot controlled by specific software developed by LIREL.

The conveyor has two lines: the main line (outer line) and the secondary line (inner line). The inner line works as a store of the lasted uppers that were waiting for the treatment in the shot blasting. The robot will be responsible for the manipulation of the lasts from the conveyor to the shot blasting equipment. The two components, shot blasting chamber and robot, must be connected by a software to be possible the transmission of information between them.

The software that already exists allows the following actions:
- Configuration of the entry and exit of the lasted uppers in the conveyor,
- Configuration of the relative positions of all components (shot blasting, robot, conveyor, shoe support, etc.)

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