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Obscuration sensor

In order to provide control of the blasting system all the process variable effects on blasted leather surface quality must be quantified and suitable process feedback/control mechanisms identified. While pressure control of the air delivery and mass-flow control of the grit delivery processes is possible, using pneumatically operated gate valves, a consistent measure of the mass-flow rate at the blast head has been difficult to obtain. The development under this programme of an optical measurement system which can be easily calibrated to give a good indication of on-line grit mass flow rates has helped to alleviate this measurement task.

The various system components are mounted in a purpose made enclosure that is attached to the end of the blast nozzle. The sensor system has been tested at the grit blasting facility at the University of Newcastle. A series of test were conducted to investigate the performance of the sensor with air only delivery and with various settings of the manual delivery valve. The sensor was able to distinguish between all five settings of the manual value for a range of air pressures. In addition the sensor was also able to determine sudden instantaneous drops in the grit delivery mass flow rate due to inconsistent delivery at the gate valve. The sensor system has been developed to a standalone version.

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