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Report WP8: Large housing estates in Hungary, Success and fail factors of policies

The rehabilitation of the large scale housing estates in Central-Europe is one of the biggest challenges that lies ahead, as there are no proven models that may be used for such a special case: large share of estates in the housing market; large, privately owned buildings; lack of financial resources; lack of culture of cooperation.
This report is aimed at identifying which aspects of policies in the Havanna estate in Budapest, Hungary have been successful and which are seen to have failed in different situations and what explanations are for this. The information for this report is derived from earlier experiences in the project, which has been added to during focus group interviews with policymakers and those responsible for the implementation of the policies.

Given the relative novelty of the refurbishment process and the small volume of policies, it is difficult to single out success and failure factors. The most what can be said is that properly identifying public demand is the main success factor. Like in the case of the instalment of the CCTV system, which was the answer for the lack of security in public spaces. Furthermore, the dedication of a few people can become a real asset, an essential factor for success. This can be true on the municipal level - the rehabilitation at the Havanna housing estate is partly pushed by the deputy mayor, who resides there. But it is important on the level of condominiums as well: if a property manager is able to activate the people and able to convince them to invest into the buildings, than the owners became more and more involved in the process, consequently the look and the status of the building begins to improve.
The lack of appropriate financing is the number one failure factor.

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