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Project ID: EVK4-CT-2002-00083
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-EESD
Paese: Finland

Air pollution, meteorological, traffic data measured in Helsinki

Measurement of high-resolution air quality, meteorology and traffic data in Helsinki from existing networks and additional measurements for OSCAR. Temporal resolution of data: hourly. Air quality sites: Kaisaniemi, Kallio 2 (urban background), Luukki (regional background), Runeberg street (street canyon), Vallila (open road). Meteorology sites: Helsinki-Isosaari, Helsinki-Vantaa, Kaisaniemi. Traffic sites: Runeberg street, Aleksis Kiven katu-Sturenkatu, Hämeentien silta, Mäkelänkatu. Air quality measurements: PM10, PM2.5, O3, NOx, NO2, NO, SO2. Meteorological measurements: wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, RH, precipitation, radiation, cloudiness.

Traffic measurements: counts, speeds, classification.

Potential use and application of the data:
1) The data has been analysed for spatial and temporal trends and in terms of meteorology and traffic flows
2) Model evaluation
3) Comparison of EU urban areas in terms of air quality, meteorology and traffic flows
4) Improvement in air quality and quality of life
5) pollution mitigation strategies
6) Feed into EU directives on air quality
7) Setting up air quality standards
8) Economic competitiveness by saving time from congested journeys.

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Finnish Meteorological Institute
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