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Power electronics for mechatronic products

CETENASA has developed a new concept for the EMV actuation electronics. This new concept results in a mechatronic component for the EMVT, integrating power electronics and first control loop into the actuator. This integration of the electronic and mechanical parts can offer some improvements:
- Reduction of volume and wiring over a centralized solution, related to this, it’s important to note that EMI can also be reduced as we reduce the number of connections delivering high power levels with high current slew rates.
- Cost reduction over a centralized solution. As long as the actuator serves as a thermal union between the power electronics and the water-cooling loop of the cylinder head, using a dedicated cooling solution, is not needed.
- Improved Dynamics and controllability. The short paths between the power electronics and the actuator could also improve the dynamics of the system and then the controllability.

So the mechatronic concepts can give an important value to many actual actuators in the automotive industry. For a confident and reliable introduction new technology and components must be investigated. CETENASA have designed and manufactured a prototype of the power electronics with this guideline. Functional validation have proved good results but deeper investigation should be carried on about decoupling technology witch is responsible for the main limitations of temperature and guarantied full life operation.

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