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Development and application of an on-line measurement system for the quantity of applied glaze on each tile

In ceramic industry each machine for ink, glaze or engobe application requires that the quantity of applied glaze is fixed in a very precise and narrow range.

The increasing need of flexibility imposes, as a consequence, the requirement for an improvement of the on-line control techniques. In ceramic tile industry normally the quantity (weight) of applied glaze is manually measured every 1 hour in order to verify the quality of the implemented production. Therefore the possibility of measuring on-line this parameter on a high percentage of the production seems to be of great relevance for control purposes. The result of this part of research is devoted to determine an on-line measurement method for glaze weight measurement. The measurement of the quantity of applied glaze is being approached by an on-line weight control station. This solution seem to be the most simple, in particular given the difficulties in determining the quantity of glaze by optical properties. At the moment the whole measurement chain has been completely designed, defining the different stations to be installed on the line. Therefore it has been decided that a first prototype will be realised in the second half of the project.

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