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Integration of Sensors and Actuators into an industrial network for the glazing line

This result includes the ceramic line design at the basic level of automation (i.e. selection of suitable sensors, integration of this sensors on a low level network and selection of suitable actuators). The applications of this result are all ceramic lines that fulfil the specifications (appropriate tile dimensions + belt velocity to allow the sensors to stabilize the measures when the tile goes under the sensor) In the project this result has been implemented at an end user factory (Keros Ceramica).

The main benefits for this result are the automation of the ceramic line that allows maintaining the process under control with its associated benefits (lower material waste, lower energy consumption, higher repeatability of the products that allows to reduce the batch size). This is, the automation of the line is an investment that will be translated in a lower cost of production that permits to recover the investment. It also permits to store historical data on the production line operation for future applications (to know weakness and strengths of the process. It will allow designing products in agreement with these characteristics).

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