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On-Line inspection system to detect print defect of ceramic tiles

An innovative modular image acquisition system has been developed for installation at any location on the glazing line.

When equipped with processing algorithms developed by University of Bristol and OFAI, this system will be capable of detecting print defects generated by various print machines, including:
- silk-screen printing
- rotary screen
- rotary photogravure
- ink jet

The main capability of this inspection machine is to detect print defects and tonality deviation before the firing state, so that defective tiles can be removed and recycled to save energy and raw material costs. Additionally, the system can be integrated with other sensors on-line to form a process control loop to automatically adjust line settings to maintain tile print quality.

- The key features of the machine can be summarized as the following:
- High quality of colour images of tiles before firing
- Large inspection range
- Physically small, compact and versatile
- Two inspection heads to inspect each side of the print machine
- Robust and environmentally protected (IP66)

The prototype was delivered and installed in factory for testing before the required deadline. It fully met the specification defined by the user and the project. Currently there is no other product available on the market offering similar capabilities. Existing products on the market can only be installed after flatbed machines, and do not have the sophisticated algorithms required inspecting multiple layers of print.

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