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Navigation system (sensors, computer, software)

The Navigation System specified, designed and developed in the frame of the project aimed to provide the ALIVE vehicle with accurate, precise and reliable navigation data used for the control of the vehicle during all the phases of its mission, from launching to recovery. The Navigation system has been designed to rely on on-board navigation sensors used for dead-reckoning navigation, and on an external acoustic positioning system used to periodically reset the dead reckoning.

The Navigation system has proved its performances during all the phases of the project. The adaptation of existing software to the project constraints has been successfully performed.

The Navigation software has been declares for protection and registration by Ifremer, and contacts have been engaged for possible licensing or exploitation with industrial companies beyond the ALIVE project of the AUV business and of the positioning business. This process has been engaged before the beginning of ALIVE. The specific adaptation of the system delivered within ALIVE will serve his promotion.

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