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Know-how for application of novel nanocomposites based on polycondensates for technical goods

The first step of the study was to choose potential applications for nanocomposites regarding the previous results from the scientific literature. The second step consisted in having an overview of the behaviour that can be reached with those materials. A major part of the work was dedicated to the study of mixed materials (nano/micro filled) prepared on the basis of nanocomposite masterbatches in order to reach the thermomechanical behaviour of benchmark materials. After having developed a material answering the specifications (even for the flame retardancy), some demonstrators were injection moulded and assembled.

Application tests were carried out showing that work is now to be done to adjust the compound. The developed material has quite the same behaviour as benchmark one (a bit too rigid which could explain the limit in terms of applied energy acceptable) but with a targeted price difficult to achieve. Work is now to be done in collaboration with DSM to complete the last specifications for the material (colour, laser marking, perhaps change of the FR system for a cheaper one, targeted price…).

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Schneider SAS
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