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Reconstruction of the available FLA equipment for FLASiC conditions and development of a new prototype equipment

For the requirements of FLASiC the available FLA equipment was reconstructed regarding the preheating conditions, the homogeneity of the irradiated area (50mm wafer) and the reproducibility of the FLA parameters. A water-cooled halogen lamp heater was constructed for preheating temperatures up to 900°C. A higher preheating temperature was not possible for the available equipment. The flash pulse duration can be varied between 0.8 and 20ms.

A dedicated temperature measurement and controlling equipment was installed for the reproducibility of the annealing parameters. For the FLASiC experiments a specific heating mode was developed and tested. The achieved homogeneity regarding wafer heating (preheating + flash annealing) for an area of 50mm diameter is proved to be < 5%. The extensive experience collected during the work with the reconstructed flash lamp equipment was used for the actual construction of the prototype of FLA equipment. The prototype equipment allow a preheating temperature up to 1100°C and flash pulse duration between 0.8 and 20ms. A wafer diameter up to 100mm is possible. The achieved homogeneity for 50mm diameter is proved to be <1.5% whereas for 100mm diameter < 5%.

Both types of FLA equipment are running. The prototype should only be applied in Si and SiC technology whereas the reconstructed FLA could also be applied for other materials. For further details, please contact, and

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