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i-FLASiC technology for the formation of thick, good quality 3C-SiC layers

The current technology of growing 3C-SiC films epitaxially on Si-substrates is based on CVD at 1350°C and MBE at lower 1100°C. The perfection of the deposited SiC layer depends on the perfection of the first SiC monolayer. Therefore, the aim is the formation of a good quality SiC layer (< 100 nm) on Si-bulk using flash lamp annealing. For this a thin stacking structure of SiC-cap/Si/SiC will be deposited on Si-bulk wafer.

By the following flash, the light energy absorption is carried out in the Si-interlayer and this Si-layer will be molten. The SiC in contact with the molten Si dissociated. Simultaneously, the SiC from the SiC-cap layer will be moved to the lower SiC layer. During the cooling down the SiC grows epitaxially. After that the SiC-cap and the Si-interlayer must be removed. This can be carried out by a technology consist of physical + chemical etching. The remaining thin SiC layer is the seed for the deposition of thick SiC by CVD

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