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Beneficiation of cellulose fibres from recovered paper

Technological development for increase of utilization of recovered paper (PTS)
In the wake of targeted technological development, recovered paper utilization rates have climbed to an unprecedented high level in the member states of the CEPI Association in Europe. However, the specific rates (based on recovered paper consumptions) vary widely for both the individual grade categories of paper and paperboard and for the countries concerned. Recovered papers and paper industry wastes and residuals are also reused in the building industry.

The paper recovery rate represents the waste paper volume in percent of paper and board consumption. A comparison of paper recovery rates of Germany (73%) and Greece (31%) demonstrates the potential higher paper recovery rate in Greece and discloses the fibre material reserves for the new product. The use of waste paper presents considerable financial and ecological advantages compared to the utilization of fresh fibres, which may be terminated.

PTS submitted a market survey on recovered paper in Greece, which is based on information derived from paper databases to supplement the market survey conducted by KNAUF.ABEE.

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