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Improved wet process for gypsum fibreboard production - pilot scale demonstration

GRENZEBACH BSH (formerly BABCOCK BSH) created and demonstrated the apparatus and plant engineering prerequisites for the production of novel gypsum fibreboards containing natural zeolite and production waste from paper mills and gypsum plasterboard plants. The new production concept is able to use the major proportion of the equipment employed for the older gypsum plasterboards, that noticeably increase the service life of these plants and saves investment costs. The resulting boards are more advantageous for the consumer than conventional gypsum plasterboards: they use recyled materials, whereas surface, bending tensile strength and flexurity of the panels are satisfying regardless of the content of zeolites (up to 10%).

The "wet" GRENZEBACH-BSH process being developed, overcomes disadvantages of "dry" processes, by pulping the paper gently with excess water. The water is then removed by means of a lightweight and more favourable filter belt. The resulting board has the same strength although it contains only 10 % paper, instead of 17% (paper costs!) in the "dry" Fels/Siempelkamp process and is also more homogeneous. The disadvantage up to now was that only special or specially treated plasters of Paris could be used. Fine plasters of Paris or gypsum that disintegrate on contact with water could not be used.

Within the project, a rotating drum developed by GRENZEBACH-BSH was successfully assessed for stabilisation of the KNAUF.ABEE (Amphilochia) low-grade gypsum. To increase plant capacity, (decisive factor for economic viability of plant) process-engineering modifications included newly developed stabilisation that reduces the disintegration of the gypsum particles and improves dewatering (as well as the use of warm pulp). In addition, based on the experience gained, drawings were made for a forming machine with a working width of 2.5m (instead of 1m) to increase plant capacity. Technical solutions were also developed for reduction of production waste and energy consumption

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